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Salon Furniture Financing

Acquiring new salon equipment for your salon or barber shop does not have to be stressful

Quick Spark industry leading technology automates the leasing process and makes it easy to approve customers through an online application. Quick Spark partnership with Zurich Beauty allows customers the ability to automatically send out a low monthly payment option with every equipment quote.

That's why Zurich Beauty offers financing options via Quick Spark for new and established businesses with little to no down-payment. Pay month by month, up to 60 months, with our leasing program.  Quick Spark accepts all forms of payment when you repay your balance.

Why lease?  The Zurich Beauty Lease and Financing Program can provide your business with significant advantages, such as....

100% Financing:

All equipment, services, delivery, and miscellaneous costs will be included in your lease and spread across your monthly bills.  No hidden fees and no activation costs.  You pay what you owe.

Conservation of Working Capital: 

Equipment leasing can ease the strain on working capital. You can continue to leverage your current lines of credit at other financial institutions for emergency needs, current cash flow purposes, investments, and other profit generating activities, while acquiring the equipment you need.

Low Monthly Payments:

We offer payment plans ranging from 24 months, where the equipment is generally depreciated, to up to 60 months, where the monthly payment is generally deducted as an operating expense.  Best of all, no incremental interest collects on your monthly payment, so you will always pay the same amount until your balance is paid off.


Lease payments are 100% deductible on your taxes as business expenses, resulting in a lower after-tax cost than conventional financing or outright purchasing.  The money you gain from your taxes can go straight into your business.

How does that sound? Apply using our one page application and get a response instantly!

Or contact:
Adam Schrader with QuickSpark in our financing department at 602.483.1173 ,
or Melissa Williams with Time Payment at 866.994.7160,